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Independent Medical Evaluations

Independent medical evaluations of subjects with possible occupational lung diseases are performed by Dr. Cohen and Dr. Go.

Dr. Cohen is Director of the MinER Center and Medical Director at Northwestern University’s advanced diagnostic site.  Dr. Cohen has over thirty years of experience as a board-certified physician in internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, and critical care and is a NIOSH-certified B-reader.

Dr. Go, the Project Director of the Black Lung Clinic, is a board-certified physician in pulmonary medicine and critical care medicine, with fifteen years of experience.

They will provide a report with an informed expert opinion on the pulmonary diagnosis, causation, and impairment associated with that disease. In the event of arbitration or litigation, physicians provide an informed evidence-based opinion about the questions in the case. They provide written reports, deposition testimony, or court appearances as required.

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